The Ritz Cafe, 1928

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The Ritz Cafe, 1928

The Ritz Cafe, 1928

May 28, 2016

In 1928 he bought the cafe from a gentleman by the name of Williams and opened The Ritz Cafe. The Ritz Cafe operated from 1928 until he sold it in 1938. And during that period they were open, this restaurant was open 24 hours a day. And I don't know what shift they took or if he changed it around periodically, but one of his partners that worked for him at the time was a gentleman by the name of Harry Pappas who eventually opened Harrige Restaurant between Washington and Jefferson in the Autrey Arcade and that restaurant operated until probably sometime in the sixties. I've forgotten what date they finally closed that up. After he sold The Ritz Cafe in 1938 he took myself and my mother to Greece. And so we must have left Orlando in sometime, late May or early June, and went to Greece. Toured around Greece and went back up to his village and spent some time there.... Excerpt from an oral history interview with Pano John Camichos.

Mr. John Camichos owned the Ritz Cafe at 13 North Orange Avenue. His wife, Mrs. Geneva Camichos, can be seen at the cash register in this photo.

Listen as their son, Pano John Camichos, talks about his father's life in Orlando, family in Volos, Greece: LISTEN Part I (17:30), and the Orlando Relief Effort to save Volos: LISTEN PART II (12:48) in these excerpts from an oral history interview on February 20, 2015.

1928 photo of The Ritz Cafe located at 13 North Orange Avenue as photographed by T. P. Robinson.

(T. P. Robinson, 32 E. Pine Street - P.O. Box 500, Orlando, FL is stamped on the back of the photo.)

Photo Courtesy of the Camichos Family Archives

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