President Kennedy and the Martin Moon Base

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President Kennedy and the Martin Moon Base

President Kennedy and the Martin Moon Base

July 8, 2014

President Kennedy photographed outside the Martin Moon Base.

The president remarked, "Amazing, five years ago we would have thought all this impossible."

Robert Buck of the Martin Marietta Company in Orlando designed the display.

The lunar colony shown in The Martin Company's exhibit to be displayed at the American Rocket Society's Space Flight Report to the Nation. The central moon base display within the oval structure of the exhibit provides an overall view of a large lunar colony.

At the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association Convention, May 19-21, 1964, the exhibit created by Mr. Buck was the most attended at the entire convention.

Martin Moon Base visitors include such notables as President Kennedy, Secretary of Defense McNamara, Dr. Wernher von Braun, and NASA's Manned Space Flight Director Robert Gilruth.  

LISTEN as Martin Moon Base creator Robert Buck describes the project and national interest in the Moon Base:

Another interesting project that we had, this was at the time that President Kennedy was talking about going to the moon and all that sort of thing, so we decided to do a Martin Moon Base. And since nobody knew what the moon was like we had to think it up....

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