Paul Halyard of The University Club of Orlando

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Paul Halyard of The University Club of Orlando

Paul Halyard of The University Club of Orlando

September 17, 2016

What do you see as the future of The University Club?

I think it's got a great, great opportunity in the future because when this club comes back in two, three however many years it is, this is going to be the hot new place. Right across from the library, same location for 70 years, and we're going to have a great location, great parking, and I'm really looking forward to it....

Paul Halyard's University Club of Orlando photo.

Listen as Mr. Halyard describes joining The University Club of Orlando in this excerpt from an oral history interview at The University Club of Orlando on June 3, 2016,

LISTEN Part I (20:03) (text highlights from audio recording)

How did you come to join The University Club?

One of my customers was a consulting engineer called Bill Denson and I'd been playing handball since the 7th grade. We had a coach that had gone to the University of Florida and they had three wall outdoor courts at the University of Florida. And we had a wall at the end of our junior high school and he took tennis balls and took the fuzzy stuff off and we had the pink soft balls that we could play handball with. And since 7th grade I've been playing handball. And I really loved handball. And I'd never played on an indoor court before. At the University of Florida we had three wall courts. So when I was invited here by my customer Bill Denson to play I thought I was in heaven. Four wall air conditioned court and you had your own showers. This is really great. So that just sold me on The University Club....

Photo courtesy of the Paul Halyard Archives

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