Mayor Carl T. Langford

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Mayor Carl T. Langford

Mayor Carl T. Langford

November 4, 2015

Mayor Carl Langford, was elected the 29th mayor for the City of Orlando on March 7, 1967. Carl was born at 46 Hill Street in Orlando on July 23, 1918.

He served as our mayor for 14 years. On April 20, 1979 Mayor Langford announced to city officials that he did not plan to run again and Bill Frederick was elected mayor in 1980. The salary for mayor at that time was $41,803 a year.

Mayor Bill Frederick proclaimed November 12, 1980 as Carl Langford Day.

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, who was elected to his fourth term yesterday, said, regarding Langford, "His legacy is Orlando International Airport. People should have eternal gratitude for his vision and forethought."

Photo courtesy of the Langford Family Archives     

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