Martin Moon Base: Space Vehicle

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Martin Moon Base: Space Vehicle

Martin Moon Base: Space Vehicle

July 22, 2014

Photo of a scene from The Martin Company's permanent lunar display at the American Rocket Society SPACE FLIGHT REPORT TO THE NATION in New York City, circa 1960's.

The Moon Base was designed and built in Orlando, Florida at the Martin Model Shop. LISTEN as Robert Buck details how he built the Moon Base.

VIEW The Martin Company information notes on the photo:

An exploration team on the moon's surface is dwarfed in the dark by a space vehicle ready for launching and by a balloon-like cluster of permanent shelters in the background. Each long lunar night and each day last the equivalent of half a month on earth. Because lunar gravity is 1/6 that of earth, the men can cover about 18 feet in a single stride, and a casual jump can take them up 6 to 10 feet.

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