Martin Moon Base: Life Systems

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Martin Moon Base: Life Systems

Martin Moon Base: Life Systems

July 23, 2014

Photo of the  life systems for maintaining  a permanent base on the moon, as depicted in cutaway models on display by  The Martin Company at the American Rocket Society SPACE FLIGHT REPORT TO THE NATION in New York City, circa 1960's.

The Moon Base was designed and built in Orlando, Florida at the Martin Model Shop. LISTEN as Robert Buck details how he built the Moon Base.

VIEW The Martin Company Information Services notes on the photo:

Underground installations house algae colonies and a hydroponic farm. Algae in tanks, living on light and waste carbon dioxide, produce oxygen and an edible bulk high in protein. In this complex system, smaller tanks siphon off oxygen and introduce it into base's air-conditioning. In adjoining compartments, small animals and vegetables are raised under artificial light. Above ground, a dome-shaped solar furnace extracts water from crystalline structure of rock. Waste material from furnace serves as shielding for water storage domes on surface. This exhibit draws  knowledge accumulated in millions of man hours spent on space studies by The Martin Company over several years.  

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