Fashion Icon Harriett Lake

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Fashion Icon Harriett Lake

Fashion Icon Harriett Lake

March 11, 2014

Her 100 Judith Leiber bags  are housed  at the Orlando Museum of Art  and every Christmas they bring them out and everybody gets to see them.

Her closets span decades of sartorial designs and could easily  stand on their own in The Harriett Lake Fashion Museum.    

Harriett’s Park Avenue Fashion Week Runway Show is Winter Park’s premier fashion event.

University of Central Florida is writing a book about her style, Too Much Is Not Enough.

Harriett Lake inspires, delights, and energizes with the pragmatic sense of a corporate director  and the heart of a generous humanitarian.

Lest you think her beauty and wit  are skin deep, it is worth noting that she served our country in the United States Marines Corps during WWII, stood in front of the Orlando Public Library reading for an hour for National Library Week  April 13, 2010 at age 88, and refuses to die until the Orlando Ballet have a place to rehearse. Not to mention the 189 charities and hospitals she considers it her job to fund.

Does she know how to dress? You betcha!

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