Congressional Accomplishments of United States Senator Paula Hawkins

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Congressional Accomplishments of United States Senator Paula Hawkins

Congressional Accomplishments of United States Senator Paula Hawkins

January 16, 2018

In 1980, Paula Hawkins became the first woman elected to the United States Senate based on her own attributes and the first woman to be a senator from Florida.

Listen as her husband, Gene Hawkins, describes some of the congressional accomplishments of United States Senator Paula Hawkins in this excerpt from an oral history interview with WWII veteran Gene Hawkins at Villa Serena on May 15, 2017.

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Legislation by Senator Paula Hawkins

The amount of legislation she ended up in passing. She became fascinated in the drug problem. And she said, "There's got to be a way to fight the production and sourcing of drugs that come into this country." So she wrote an amendment to the foreign aid package... and she got an amendment passed. It's called the Paula Hawkins Amendment. And the amendment says that any country producing drugs that get into this country and whatever, unless they have a program to diminish the quantity, their foreign aid can be cut.

The Paula Hawkins Amendment Abroad

So she got that passed and she says,"I'm going to Bolivia, I'm going to the producing countries." And she therefore got in Spanish, this amendment, what the law is in this country. And I went with her, John Mica, too, he was her aide by this time. And I remember going to Bolivia... and here's this little housewife going in there, had an appointment with the commissioners. And she sits with them - hands off in Spanish her amendment - and said, "We need your cooperation...." But anyway, she sits with these legislative leaders and she says, "I need your support because the cocaine is coming into our country and doing great harm..." Well, long story shirt, they gave the excuse of the coca... But then she went to Columbia and I went with her and long story short wherever she went to, Pakistan, that's where the poppies come and that's where the heroin comes and I went with her and she did the same thing there. But anyway, so her battle, she had a battle for missing children, she had a battle for drugs, and others...

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